Convert 32-bit .DEB-Package to work in 64bit-system


If you need a program like Adobe Air which does not have 64-bit .deb-package available for your Debian-based system here is way to fix package and get it to work in 64bit systems.
1. Download .deb package of program you want to install
2. In terminal window create tmp-directory:

mkdir tmp

3. Extract the deb file to the tmp dir:

dpkg-deb -x PACKAGE_NAME-i386.deb tmp

4. Extract the control files:

dpkg-deb —control PACKAGE_NAME-i386.deb tmp/DEBIAN

5. Change the Architecture parameter from “i386″ to “all”:

sed -i “s/i386/all/” tmp/DEBIAN/control

6. Repackage the deb file:

dpkg -b tmp PACKAGE_NAME_64.deb

7. Now you can install it:

sudo dpkg -i PACKAGE_NAME_64.deb

That’s it! Working like a charm in my Ubuntu 10.10 64bit system.

В моем случае это оказался пакет DraftSight.


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